The Drake Chronicles



In chronological order. Full length books are in bold.

Corsets and Crossbows
Lost Girls
#1 Hearts at Stake/ My Love Lies Bleeding
#2 Blood Feud
#3 Out for Blood
A Killer First Date
#4 Bleeding Hearts
A Field Guide to Vampires
#5 Blood Moon
Sound and Fury
#6 Blood Prophecy
A Tithe of Blood and Ashes
The Longest Night

“…a smart mix of darkness and humour.”
— Publishers Weekly

Available in Canada, US, UK, Australia and New Zealand,Poland, Thailand, France, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, and Russia


  1. megan burgess says:

    When is the new book coming out for the Drake Chronicles.

  2. Nicole Pruett says:

    Does Lucy ever get turned to a vampire or get married to Nicholas ? ( crossing finger I hope for both lol) I love Nicholas and Lucy’s stories are my favs but actually I like them all your a terrific author keep the good work up


  3. Allissa Bennett says:

    I love your writing and am glad you won the award. :)

  4. Alexis Brown says:

    I love this book series thoroughly and I hope that you write more into this. I feel like this book isn’t finished until every Drake brother has a partner. But I feel like the war between the vampires and Helios -Ra isn’t over. I just want to see what could happen between them. And the na -foir. I really want to see if Lucy ever gets turned. And how hunter does. I just hope you right one or two more. Please

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