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What is the order of the Drake Chronicles?”

Prequel Short Story: The Lost Girls
#1 Hearts at Stake/ My Love Lies Bleeding
#2 Blood Feud
#3 Out for Blood
#3.5- Short story: A Killer First Date
#4 Bleeding Hearts
#5 Blood Moon
#6 Blood Prophecy (we think)
#6.5 Novella: A Tithe of Blood and Ashes
#7 Novella: The Longest Night

Is My Love Lies Bleeding the same as Hearts at Stake?”

Yes, My Love Lies Bleeding is the British and Australian title of Hearts at Stake. They have different covers too, but are the same book inside.The rest of the books in the series will have different covers but the same title in Canada, US, Britain and Australia to make things easier for you!

If my copy of “Bleeding Hearts” doesn’t include “The Lost Girls” short story, where can I read it?”

“Lost Girls” is now also available in the UK print version of Blood Moon.
The other short stories are currently only available in e-format (kindle, nook, kobo, sony…) Check out the Drake Chronicles Novella link for details.

When will your next book come out in my country?”

I would love to be able to answer this question for you but I really don’t know. Your best bet is to check with your local bookstore, library or online shop.

Will there be a Drake Chronicles movie?”

Books being turned into movies need to be “optioned”. Optioning is a first step and it often doesn’t get past that.Movies require the attention of a director and/or movie company and a lot of money. And luck and love!

Is there any chance there will be more than 6 books to the series?”

Currently, no. I’d love to do a Lucy spin-off series one day but that’s up to how loudly the readers want it and how well the series does… and there’s just no way to foretell that kind of thing! It’s really up to how the books do i.e. how much you like it/buy it/request it/want more.

What if I don’t have an Ereader? How do I read the Ebooks?

The Ebooks can be read even if you don’t have an Ereader. Simply download the app from Barnes and Noble or Amazon and you can read them on your computer or phone. Happy reading!

Is there a sequel to Haunting Violet?

There is a short story that takes place right after the novel, called “Languish”. It’s available in E-format from your favourite online book shop!

When will the third book of the Lovegrove Legacy be published?

In A House Made of Bones and Teeth, The Lovegrove Legacy conclusion, is now available here. This is a self-published novella (short! story) to tie up the crazy cliffhanger loose ends from Whisper the Dead. A gift to my readers!



What do you think about fanfiction?

I’m flattered that you would find my work inspiring but due to legal, copyright and basic make-our-lives-easier rules, I cannot read it, talk about it or link to it.

Can you read my story/book/proposal/query?

I’m sorry but I can’t. If I read everyone’s stories, I wouldn’t have time to write my own!

Do you have any writing advice?

The bad news is: there’s no secret handshake.
The good news is: there’s no secret handshakeSo, my advice is pretty basic: write. Sounds simple, right? But a lot of people want to be writers— they don’t necessarily want to write. If you love to write, you’re halfway there already. Keep at it. Like anything else, you need practice.Carry a notebook with you to jot down ideas. Read lots. And then read some more.

Learn to finish something: a poem, a short story, a novella. The fire at the beginning of a story can flicker once you’re a few chapters in and then you get distracted by shiny idea #15, and that one over there., and wait is that Dean Winchester? Mr. Darcy? (okay those last 2 might just be me!)… so  learn to finish. It’s a skill like any other.

And if it’s a fantasy novel or urban fantasy that you’re writing, know your rules. There has to be internal logic, even if it’s all made-up in your head. And those rules? Don’t create them to make things easier for yourself. Your rules need to make you sweat sometimes! It’s not always fun but it makes for a better story.

Try not to worry too much about your “voice”. If you’re true to youself and your story, your voice will orgcanically, magically happen.

Let’s face it, writing a vampire series like the Drake Chronicles means dealing with vampire fatigue in the market–but I had the story and it wanted to be told. I’ve always loved vampires and paranormal fiction, so I wrote it regardless. I wrote it for fun. If you write for the “market”, and not for love, chances are you’ll miss the train. It can take up to 2 years for a book to be published after it’s written and accepted (another couple of years right there) so that market trend? Long gone.

You might still miss the trend, but if you’re writing for love, it won’t matter quite as much.

There are several very helpful books out there for writing:

The Writers Digest books,

“Writers Book of Days” by Judy Reeves,
“The Right to Write” by Julia Cameron,
“Poemcrazy” by S. Woolridge.

Some of the Idiot’s writing guides have good tips as well! And author biographies are fun too. I especially love the Brontes, Jane Austen and the Romantic Poets.

And one of my all-time favourites is “Letters to a Young Poet” By Ranier Maria Rilke

Writing advice from other people

I love this!

Will you come to my town/school?

I can only go where I am invited and where my awesome publishers can send me… but let them know where you are, it never hurts to ask!



Will there be a Haunting Violet sequel?

Haunting Violet is currently a standalone novel. That said, I wrote a sequel for my own enjoyment, so the possibility is there. It depends on publishers and reader demand, I suppose. So if you want it, let Bloomsbury/ Walker &Co know! and make sure to let your local bookshops know you want to read more.