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Short Stories

“The Shield Maiden”in Masked Mosaic: Canadian Superhero Stories Anthology. Tyche Books. March 2013


“Green Jack”in Urban GreenMan Anthology, Fall 2013


“Anywhere” in Tesseracts 17 anthology


“The Faith Circus” in Tesseracts 18 anthology





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  1. Please put Drake chronicles: sound and fury,Drake chronicles:a tithe of blood and ashes on Barnes and noble for people who have nooks through that we can buy the Ebooks on our nook through Barnes and noble please.

  2. I just finished Stolen Away and it was one of the most amazing books I have ever had the pleasure of reading!! The story kept me captivated threw the entirety!! Is there more?? Do you have any more stories of Eloise and the Fae?? Where can I purchase the rest of your work??

    Amanda D. Fish

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