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“Alyxandra Harvey’s books are pure magic!” Morgan Rhodes, New York Times bestselling author of the Falling Kingdom series.


A Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Legacy)

Shortlisted for the 2015 Sunburst Award (YA)

“Harvey balances a large cast with an intricate plot with flair….A successful blend of Regency and paranormal romance.

~ Kirkus Reviews

“A smashing blend of adventure, fantasy, humor, romance, and historical fiction.

~ Booklist

Haunting Violet

*Ontario Library Association Red Maple Honour Book 2012

“A well-paced, clever and scary supernatural-suspense story.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

“Harvey…delivers a fun adventure in the form of a Victorian mystery novel that captures the feel (and the flaws) of the age.”

~ Publishers Weekly

The Drake Chronicles

*Romantic Times Top Pick
*Nominee for White Pine Award 2011, Ontario Library Association
*Best Bets 2011, Ontario Library Associations
*FAB award  (UK)

“Vampires with bite and girls who bite back. A witty, exhilarating, and fresh take on an old tale.”

~ Kelley Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author

“Witty, sly, and never disappointing….”

~ Booklist

“Harvey builds an engaging world of vampire cultures balanced with a smart mix of darkness and humor … an emphasis on family and friendship sets this story apart.”

~ Publisher’s Weekly

Harvey’s take on the currently ubiquitous teen vampire saga is fresh, fun, and edgy. Best of all, at its heart is a pair of smart and independent young women who are perfectly capable of wielding their own stakes, crossbows, and fencing foils, and of kicking butts, both alive and slightly less so.”

~ Quill and Quire

Harvey continues to weave an action-packed story full of intrigue, suspense, and romance with a great cast of characters. …. A satisfying read in a series that is sure to have a strong following.”

~ School Library Journal

“…Readers who like a lot of action and a strong female lead will appreciate Isabeau’s fierce strength, and readers who like romance in their vampire stories will swoon over Logan.”

~ Children’s Literature

Harvey continues to weave an action-packed story full of intrigue, suspense, and romance with a great cast of characters. The historical flashbacks into Isabeau’s life and the unique vampire lore of the Hounds add a new twist to the genre. A satisfying read in a series that is sure to have a strong following.”

~ School Library Journal

Stolen Away

“(…) this fast-paced story combines fantasy and adventure with just the right amount of romance. .. Harvey’s prose is beautifully descriptive, evoking hot summer nights and heart-stopping battles. Full of fun and memorable characters and positive relationships, this book is an excellent choice for teens who like their fantasy with just a touch of romance.


“…A solid entertaining tale…A strong addition to any fantasy collection.”

~ School Library Journal

“Breezy and entertaining, with a diverting blend of chills, humour, and spunk.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

18 thoughts on “Reviews & Awards

  1. Hi Alyx
    I was wondering if you would make more books about the Drakes+would u be able to make one about Solange traveling the world
    would you make a book to do with solange and lucy again but with Quinn,Hunter,Conner,Christabel,Logan,Isabeau and who couldn’t forget Liam and Helena, I know its alot to ask but what mean is give them each their own theiir own chapter like you usually do
    Sorry for asking all you all this its just love your books so so much I am your NO.1 fan and im only 12
    Thanks Alot Alyx 🙂 😉

  2. Hi Alyxandra, Im Emily and im a huge fan of your series the Drake Chronicles and i was wondering if you were making anymore extras to the Drake Chronicles. And also if you had any advise for me about writing because im writing my first book. THANKS!! 😀

      1. I would love for Lucy and Nicholas to have there own series. i think it would b amazing to know whats going on when Sol is away. And all the things she discovers in her travels. I think it would be adorable to know how Lucy And Nicky get along without Sol. Also how Sol and Kerian are doing. A series filled with that would be brilliant. Anyway u have my vote for a expanse of the wonderful series lots of love and support Christen.

  3. Hi Alyxandra, My younger sister is a huge fan, she has read every book so far in the Drake Chronicles and by coincidence she is also called Lucy. She has also been writing her own short stories since she was 9 (she is now 14) however in the past she has had trouble coming up with different characters and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to come up with characters. Please can you also say a HUGE hello to her as it will make her day.
    Many Thanks,
    Suzy D. 🙂

  4. i was just wondering how you came up with the idea for the drake chronicles. I have always wanted to write a book but i never finish or go back to them. It’s almost like i get bored and i just don’t go back to writing. Most people say i am an excellent writer and even though i do really want to write and i feel that i have some great ideas its the not getting back to it that is really an issue. Do you have any advice? I would love to be an author even if its not a career choice for me. Is that the issue? It not going to be a career choice for me?

    Lindsey C.B,

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